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System Administration (gn)

Why Sdui? 

We build the most helpful, easy and secure digital tools to connect people and simplify processes. This way, we help users of any age to work more efficiently and have more time for what really matters.

Current tech stack:

  • Frontend: Vue.js, Webpack, SCSS
  • Web backend: PHP, Laravel, MariaDB, Redis
  • Infrastructure: Debian Linux, Docker, Nginx, HAProxy
  • Monitoring: Datadog, ELK, Loki, Grafana
  • CI/CD pipelines for code quality, testing, and deploying 

Your to do´s:

  • You improve our current infrastructure allowing Sdui to scale horizontally
  • You are using Kubernetes and 1 & 1 datacenter manager

Your skills:

  • Experience in managing Linux machines (Debian / Ubuntu) in our cloud environment
  • Knowledge about supervisor, cron and backup services
  • Good understanding of NGINX, PHP-FPM and RDBS
  • Basic understanding of writing Docker images
  • Your typical reaction to Kubernetes isn’t: ‘uhmhghgrm’
  • Optional: Understanding of scaling Docker in a Kubernetes environment 

Your benefits:

  • MacBook Pro? Sure, with us too!
  • Ready for a vacation? With us you get 30 days vacation.
  • Do you enjoy pursuing your hobby and spending time with your family? We work flexibly and mobile!
  • Are you up for cool people and great team spirit? So are we and that’s half the battle!
  • Do you want to make a difference? Our jobs are sustainable AND have a real social impact.
  • Coffee not enough? We have an energy drink flat rate from our partner acáo
  • Water olé? Our office is right next to the Moselle, the city beach and the university including the cafeteria
  • After Corona: lunch together every lunchtime and regular team activities