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Presential or at home: Sdui is the GDPR conform app for everyone. Discover how this app can turn a crisis into an opportunity.

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Are you afraid of schools and nurseries closing? Are you overwhelmed just thinking about the necessary digitalisation? We at Sdui understand your situation and we want to help you right away. We can help you with our app which focuses on the needs of schools and nurseries to create a secure platform that connects. Sdui facilitates communication and enables an easy change between presence and remote lessons.

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An overview of the most important functions

New: The digital classbook


Quickly tick of digital lists and compare sick notes with the secretary


For a clear overview enter homework with the time effort needed and with a deadline

Record teaching material

Space to document the class and to add comments

Filter by person

Mention students and comments and refer to these in conversations with parents.


Sdui helps with the big topics of the day-to-day life of schools

A good solution is defined by one single criteria: does it solve the problem effectively? Each of our functions is goal-oriented to help with the challenges, directly where it is needed.

Completely safe, which is guaranteed and proofed by the data protection regulations. Real data protection is of prime importance to us.

ISO certified / German servers / SSL encryption / One-way principle / Without phone number / Without email address

Finally communicate without any stress. Information arrives in seconds and actually arrives where it should.

News / Chat / Cloud / Translation / Push notifications / Video conferences / Information Screen

Lessons despite school closures and the flexibility to easily switch between presential and remote lessons.

Video conferences / Cloud / Chat / Hand in folder / Timetable / Automatic class groups / Integration

Let us imagine a school with 500 students and one piece of paper printed a week, Sdui could help you save 20,000 pieces of paper a year and the corresponding shipping costs. Not only the people but also our nature is thankful for paperless sharing of letters to parents, surveys etc.

News / Chats / Cloud / Umfragen

Sdui helps digitalise in an enabling way instead of over complicating it. Setting up your school in Sdui only takes 30 minutes. Even after no IT experts or any software knowledge is needed.

Intuitive user interface / Automatic synchronisation / Quick activation / Real support / Free of hardware /  Change accounts across schools

Creating a clear overview and organisation are essential for tools that want to save time and effort.

Cloud folders / Automatic class groups / Timetable / Linking accounts / Integration

How does Sdui get to my school or nursery?

1. First contact

Contact us as a decision maker (school or nursery management, IT administrator…) via the form at the bottom of this page. You can pick up an appointment and one of our experts will get in touch with you to introduce Sdui to you during a free short online consultation.

2. Decision making

The short online consultation is a free of charge one-on-one meeting to find out how Sdui can help facilitate your daily life in your school or nursery. As a decision maker, you can immediately register your school or daycare center for Sdui afterwards.

3. Communicate digitally

We will create your personal Sdui environment and send you the activation codes. The installation is now over and you can start using Sdui! Your personal advisor is always available to provide you with advice and support.

Success stories

Bild von Dirk Wagner - Digitalchef Solingen
Dirk Wagner, Digitalchef of the City Solingen

City Solingen

Situation: After the coronavirus pandemic the public transport could not be sufficiently adapted to the new health regulations, which meant that not all of the students were able to get to school.

Goal: A hybrid concept which enables half of the class to stay at home and the other half to come to school on an alternative base. This minimises the risk of infection.

Execution: Sdui has been chosen by the school authorities, as a uniform solution to support all schools with presential and remote lessons. We analyse the elements required to implement hybrid lessons and made integration of existing softwares possible.

Result: The schools were given Sdui: a flexible and GDPR conform platform as a basis and in combination with other solutions. Now the change between presential and remote lessons is super easy and without any problems. To this day, the model in Solingen is a perfect example for successful hybrid lessons.

Primary school Edenkoben

Situation: In February 2020 a hurricane lead to a wind speed of up to 200 kph. This lead to the majority of lessons in school and activities in nurseries being cancelled. Parents had to be informed in an efficient and quick manner.

Goal: Ensure that all the important information reaches the relevant people so that everyone can stay safe.

Execution: The school management informed everyone about the regulations in relation to the storm for the next day using the Sdui app. The read receipt enabled them to see who had already been informed. The parents were then able to decide, whether they would send their children to school. If not, they could confirm their absence via telephone or using the Sdui app.

Result: Sdui enabled the school management to ensure the safety of the pupils and ensure that everyone is informed. The app also meant that the communication was more efficient and consistent.

Grundschule Edenkoben
Primary School Edenkoben, Rhineland-Palatine

Schools, nursery schools and school authorities all over Europe trust Sdui

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Our customer service is by your side

Jessica Röser

“Having a close and personal contact with our schools and nursery schools is very important to me. A better understanding of the problem, enables me to support them to find the best solution.”

Angelika Kopp

“I give schools advice all about the topic of digitalisation. I want to support them and help them to ensure that everyone can participate in lessons and activities – presential and remote.”

Stephanie Kaiser

“In the last months I have helped many headmasters of schools and managements of nurseries to integrate all the members in Sdui, to ensure that all the information is accessible for everyone.”

Julian Holzinger

“It is an amazing feeling knowing that every day I help schools and nursery schools prepare for the future in a secure and GDPR conform way. The personal contact with educational centres is what I love – I want to help.”

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Why did we develop Sdui?

Sdui Team
The Sdui team summer 2020

Sdui was created to build a solution to real problems. We can see where schools are today and we understand where schools should be in the future. Our team is made of ex-students and teachers and we have many more individuals on board, that can help us identify what problems schools face on a daily basis. Every day we work hard to further adapt and expand our platform to the needs of teachers, students and parents, to be able to make their lives easier. If they change, we change with them.

The real challenge of the digital transformation, is that it is different for every school and for every person. We are aware that digitalisation is not a straightforward process, as everyone has their own wishes, needs and demands. We listen to these experiences and ideas to be able to adjust the app to their needs, which enables us to create a personalised platform. The goal of Sdui is to create a platform that is both the basis and a tool. We create a platform where all the school’s members are, consisting of all the solutions and functions they need as support of their daily lives. This space is what we call the “digital school”.

Our vision of a digital school

Our vision of a successful digital school is based on the great exchange with schools and nursery schools. Our aim is not a replacement for presential classes at school. Our focus is to support this and ensure that lessons can happen despite of various crisis. We want to create an environment similar to the one at school, with all the members coming together in one digital place. We want to facilitate the exchange of information by creating ways of communication by text, call and video call for all the members of the school. Our dream is to create schools, where nothing has to be looked for or figured out. We want all the information to be easy to find. The functions and tools within the app are created to meet the needs of the school: everything you need is there and nothing unnecessary can be found. The digital school is secure, as it is GDPR conform and we protect students from cyber bullying and teachers from stress. With Sdui switching between presential and remote classes will be without any hassle.
This is our vision of a digital school. This is what Sdui creates.