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Some schools spontaneously chose a digital solution for a cloud and for video lessons, whilst others still use entirely analog methods. Does this sound like you? Sdui is here to help! We will create one central platform for you, where all the important information can easily be shared.

How can Sdui help make preschool and school life easier right away? Learn more now!

It is the biggest motivation for me to know that I have contributed to making the daily routine in schools and preschools easier in the long term.

Artavazd Andranikyan

Business Development Manager


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Digital school in 15 minutes. All it takes

Sdui automatically generates all accounts using an excel or a CSV file. The timetable is automatically synchronised, which means that groups for classes and courses are automatically created.

This means that already after a few minutes after the set-up every user can start accessing their individual groups, without any extra effort. New users can be automatically synchronised and are directly added to the relevant groups.

Die App für Schulen von Sdui - Chat
Push-Benachrichtigung der Sdui-App für Schulen und Eltern

Send out all important information to the parents by just one click...

Especially during a crisis, such as the coronavirus pandemic, information should be shared as quickly and securely as possible. Write messages to specific groups or easily share news with the entire school. From now on, every parent letter reaches the recipient quickly and securely.

News-Beiträge frühzeitig vorbereiten und erst später automatisch teilen

Nutzen Sie freie Stunden zum Abhaken der To-do-Liste und verfassen Sie Neuigkeiten für den Montag bereits am Freitag: Bereiten Sie News-Beiträge vor und lassen Sie diese zum gewählten Zeitpunkt automatisch von der Sdui-App veröffentlichen. 

Die App für Schulen von Sdui - Umfragefunktion

The translation tool helps cross language barriers

Write and send messages in Sdui, which parents who don’t speak English can easily translate into their mother tongue. More than 42 languages are already available!

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Learn how Sdui can simplify your school life in the shortest possible time

Decisions and queries made easy thanks to survey function

Involve your students in decision making by simply creating and sharing surveys in Sdui. You can also use (anonymous) surveys to collect feedback from parents, instead of waiting forever for return slips.

Die App für Schulen von Sdui - Umfragefunktion
Die App für Schulen von Sdui - Sprachnachrichten

Addressing auditory learners with voice messages

Send voice messages just like you send text messages in the chat. This way you can explain things in more detail and have a more personal exchange with your students.

As a teacher you have control over the communication

You can decide if parents and students should be able to reply to messages that have been shared with them. By setting the chat to ‘one way’, you can prevent others from contacting you: for example in the evening or during the weekend.

Die App für Schulen von Sdui - one-way kommunikation
Die App für Schulen von Sdui - digitaler Stundenplan

In the right place at the right time with the digital timetable

No more arriving in school at 8 a.m. just to fond out that the first lesson has been cancelled. Thanks to the automatically synchronised digital timetable, pupils can see lesson cancellations, substitutions and room changes. Thanks to individual filtering, everyone has only access to the information that concerns them.

Enable teaching from anywhere with the video conferencing function

More flexibility in the teaching process: Thanks to video conferencing with up to 150 participants, you can easily switch between face-to-face, hybrid and distance learning. 

Die App für Schulen von Sdui - Videotelefonie

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Learn how Sdui can simplify your school life in the shortest possible time

Die App für Schulen von Sdui - kollaboratives Arbeiten

Collaborative working makes digital group work more cooperative

With LibreOffice in Sdui, your pupils can work online together on a document at the same time – whether in distance learning or in the classroom. Thanks to comprehensive compatibility, you can get started regardless of the operating system or file type.

Digital sick absence notes help reduce work amount for the secretariat and teachers

Pupils can simply inform about an absence via the app – without the morning phone chaos in the secretary’s office. Students who have signed out are immediately displayed as absent in all classes – this way teachers automatically know who is absent.

Die App für Schulen von Sdui - digitale Krankmeldungen
Die App für Schulen von Sdui - Cloud

Share homework, documents and memories

In Sdui cloud you can easily share and store worksheets, homework, important documents or class photos in a data-secure way. Also use the cloud to arrange and organise your class materials

The Digital Class Register:
Similiar to the analogue one - but much better

Whether it’s homework, lesson content or student behaviour: In the digital class register, everything can be documented and viewed from anywhere. For a better overview, you can easily filter by entries and export all the content at the end of the school year. 

Die App für Schulen von Sdui - Digitales Klassenbuch
Die App für Schulen von Sdui - Mehr-Bereich

Integrate and link already existing software to one main platform.

Timetables and substitution plans can be integrated by synchronising them with Sdui. Other software such as Moodle and BigBlueButton can also be integrated in the menu. Sdui enables you to create your own organized environment and adjust it to your preferences.

Your personal advisor will be there for you throughout the whole year

If you have any questions or are unsure about something you can always contact your personal advisor from Sdui. You will be able to benefit from the experience of our customer care department and you can get support with any challenges that you might face.

Our experts have already helped more than 900 secondary schools with setting up Sdui, in other words, they know how to best digitize schools during a crisis.

With Sdui, you no longer have to worry about data protection.

The requirements of data protection are extensive: procedure directory, contract data processing, etc. With Sdui, you no longer have to worry about data protection: the Sdui app runs via an ISO-certified data center in Frankfurt.

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Learn how Sdui can simplify your school life in the shortest possible time

See how other secondary schools are successfully using Sdui

Carl-Zeiss-Gymnasium Jena

Situation: Im Zuge der Digitalisierung fehlte es an einer Lösung, mit der nicht nur einfacher kommuniziert, sondern die Kommunikation auch durch die Schule aktiv gesteuert werden konnte.

Ziel: Ein vom ganzen Kollegium akzeptiertes und nutzbares System, das Schüler/innen, Lehrkräfte und Eltern verbindet, ohne bloß ein WhatsApp-Ersatz zu sein. Man wünschte sich eine Anwendung, die gezielt die Anforderungen 
von Schulen berücksichtigt.

Umsetzung: Herr Skorsetz wendete sich an Sdui und die Schule wurde gemeinsam eingerichtet. Nach ausgiebigen Tests und vielen positiven Rückmeldungen aus der gesamten Schulgemeinde, entschied man sich gemeinschaftlich für Sdui. Positives Feedback sowie Änderungswünsche wurden mit dem Sdui-Team besprochen und in den Entwicklungsprozess der App einbezogen.

Ergebnis: Lehrkräfte und Klassen meldeten sich in Sdui an und sind nun miteinander vernetzt. Besonders schätzt man die einfache Nutzeroberfläche und die enge Vernetzung, die den Lehrkräften dank One-Way Funktion dennoch Privatsphäre schafft.

How can Sdui be implemented in my school or preschool?

1. Initial contact

Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get in touch with us. Choose a date that suits you and one of our experts will contact you for a free consultation to introduce you to Sdui.

2. Introduction

During the short online consultation, we’ll discuss how Sdui can help simplify the daily life of your school and preschool. As a decision-maker, you can immediately register your institution for Sdui afterwards.

3. Get started

We’ll create your personal Sdui environment and send you the activation codes. With that, you’re ready to get started and make school life easier for everyone! Your personal advisor will be available to provide you with advice and support whenever you need it.

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Learn how Sdui can simplify your school life in the shortest possible time