The first step towards digitalisation: The app for for primary schools

More time for the educational mission

Sdui helps primary schools in simplifying digital communication and organisation. The Sdui app is highly intuitive so that all parents and teachers can easily handle it. This enables principals to involve everyone and take the first step towards digitalisation – without any previous knowledge. No need to struggle with complex systems anymore, and at the end of the day there is more time for what really counts: The education.

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It is the biggest motivation for me to know that I have contributed to making the daily routine in schools and preschools easier in the long term.

Artavazd Andranikyan

Business Development Manager


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We accompany primary schools step by step on their way to digitalisation.

In 15 minutes: Sdui automatically generates accounts and groups for your school

Using a simple Excel spreadsheet, Sdui automatically creates in-app groups for teachers, students and parents. This way, within minutes of setting up Sdui, you can reach everyone with just a few clicks.

Die App für Grundschulen von Sdui – Newsbeiträge und Lesebestätigung

Send important information to all parents with one click...

Without effort and technical skills you can publish news that will be immediately displayed and read by everyone thanks to push notifications on their devices. Write to a selected group or to the whole school. From now on, every parent letter will reach its recipient.

Quick results thanks to survey feature

It’s the little things that steal your time. From now on, surveys can simply be posted on Sdui and answered without further ado by the school community.

Die App für Grundschulen von Sdui – Umfrage

The translation tool helps cross language barriers

Write and send messages in Sdui, which parents who don’t speak English can easily translate into their mother tongue. More than 42 languages are already available!

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Learn how Sdui can simplify your school life in the shortest possible time

You control your availability

Teachers need time off too. Set the chat to “One-Way”. This way, only you can send messages without being disturbed by queries or comments..
Die App für Grundschulen von Sdui – Oneway-Kommunikation
Die App für Grundschulen von Sdui – Veröffentlichung News planen

Create official texts in advance and publish them later

Planning ahead helps save time as well: write news on Friday scheduled for Monday and save it in Sdui. The news will be published automatically at the scheduled time.

Share homework, documents and photos of your memories

In the Sdui Cloud you can easily share, organise and store pupils worksheets, homework, important documents, photos and videos in a data secure way.  

Die App für Grundschulen von Sdui – Cloud
Die App für Grundschulen von Sdui – Stundenplan

Be in the right place at the right time with the digital timetable

Thanks to the digital timetable, pupils and their parents always know which lessons are scheduled for the next day. If there are substitute lessons or if a lesson is cancelled, changes are displayed and everyone is informed.

Teach from anywhere thanks to video conferencing feature

Flexibility in teaching is particularly important – as the last few years have shown. Thanks to video conferencing with up to 150 participants, you can easily switch between face-to-face, hybrid and distance learning.

Die App für Grundschulen von Sdui – Videotelefonie

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Learn how Sdui can simplify your school life in the shortest possible time

Die App für Grundschulen von Sdui – digitale Krankmeldungen

Digital sick notes relieve the burden on the secretariat and parents

Within a few clicks you can report a pupil sick via the app – thus avoiding the morning phone chaos in the secretary’s office. Children who are signed out are immediately displayed as absent in all classes. This way, all teachers automatically know who is absent.

Document everything in one place
in the Digital Class Register

Whether it’s homework, lesson content or pupil behaviour: In the digital class register, everything can be documented securely and viewed from anywhere. Simply filter by entries and export all contents at the end of the school year. 

Die App für Grundschulen von Sdui – digitales Klassenbuch

Let your personal advisor deal with the challenges that you are facing

Your personal advisor is there to help you – be it for understanding the app or for solving administrative/technical problems. Our experts will support you to digitalise your primary school successfully.

With Sdui, you no longer have to worry about data protection.

The requirements of data protection are extensive: procedure directory, contract data processing, etc. With Sdui, you no longer have to worry about data protection: the Sdui app runs via an ISO-certified data center in Frankfurt.

Look at an example to see how other primary schools work with Sdui

Primary school Edenkoben

Situation: In February 2020, hurricane “Sabine” caused winds of up to 200km/h. School and daycare operations had to be largely suspended and parents had to be informed.

Goal: Ensure that the important information reaches all relevant people as fast as possible and that everyone is safe..

Implementation: The evening before, the headmaster communicated the procedures for the storm via app in order to really reach everyone. A read confirmation showed him who had already been informed. The parents decided for themselves whether they wanted their children to stay at home and could notify the school by telephone or via Sdui with one click.

Result: Thanks to Sdui, the headmaster was able to ensure the safety and awareness of all relevant people at short notice, avoid an overload of the telephone system and master a crisis situation without any problems.
Grundschule Edenkoben
Edenkoben Primary School, Rhineland-Palatinate

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Learn how Sdui can simplify your school life in the shortest possible time