Digitilisation is a must, but it should not be complicated.

Sdui's recipe for success: software & support

Sdui is your digital partner. In addition to the app, we provide each school and preschool with a personal contact. Our experts support over 22,000 schools and preschools to successfully shape the digitisation process in the long term.

Simplicity as a solution

Our educational landscape has been swept by a digital wave. But what is “digital” does not necessarily mean successful digitalisation: The past has shown that hasty purchases can end in overwhelm and chaos.
Sdui is not just another app on your screen, but becomes a real help in everyday school life. By understanding digitalisation as a whole, we also know how best to approach it: with constant adaptability and in direct cooperation with schools, preschools & authorities.

"Genius is in the simplicity."

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It is the biggest motivation for me to know that I have contributed to making the daily routine in schools and preschools easier in the long term.

Artavazd Andranikyan

Business Development Manager


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Our definition of a "Digital School"

The goal of Sdui is a platform that is both a foundation and a tool: a solution in which all relevant people come together in a safe environment and everyone has access to the functions and support that make their everyday life easier. We call this environment “Digital School”.


Substantiv, feminin [die]

A place where children go to be educated:

Di·gi·tal School

Substantiv, feminin [die]

Digital environment within a school community where all relevant people can work with the tools and information they need at any given time

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Building a "Digital School"

Our conception of a successful digital school is based on a multitude of insights that we were able to gather in direct exchange with schools. Its future viability is made up of three essential components, all of which Sdui offers: Foundation, Security and Tools.

The digital school is like a secure building. That’s why it must be built on a solid foundation where all the necessary features – all the rooms, so to speak – are securely anchored.

Sdui not only offers essential basic functions, but also enables the integration of important data (e.g. timetables) and other solutions (e.g. LMS). This creates a central basis as a foundation for the digital school. (same)

All digital must be secure: We are convinced that privacy is of utmost importance. In addition, a lack of GDPR compliance is simply forbidden in everyday school life. Sdui holds the highest security standards, but our definition of security goes further:  

Students need to be safe from bullying. Sdui achieves this through communication in chats supervised exclusively by teachers.  

Unexperienced IT users need to feel comfortable using the software. This is ensured by our simple user interface, as well as our training sessions and continuous support.

Teachers need to be sure that everyone can be reached via app. Thanks to our read receipt feature, the information status can be checked at any time. And as everyone uses the same platform, no one is left out.

A good solution is characterised by the fact that it effectively solves a problem. In the case of the digital school, there must be a noticeable reduction in workload through simplified communication and organisation.

In the area of communication, Sdui provides direct channels thanks to chat, video call, news, survey and translation features.  Improved organisation is guaranteed through the digital class register, timetable and reduced administrative effort. All additional tools are easily integrated into the menu – for example Moodle or any other LMS.

Sdui is by your side with advice and support

It is important to use good quality software, but it is equally important to maintain it. Someone has to guarantee security as well as stability and be a contact person for users at the same time. Decision-makers want a partner on their way to digitalisation. We are happy to take on this job for you!
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Wir nutzen Sdui jetzt 1 Jahr und sind absolut zufrieden. Der Support ist sensationell und immer freundlich und hilfsbereit. Auch spezielle Wünsche wurden in kurzer Zeit umgesetzt und die App wurde für uns angepasst.
Klaus Obert
St. Ursula Schulen Hilldastraße
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Nach einem halben Jahr im Einsatz möchte an unserer Schule niemand mehr auf Sdui verzichten. Für uns sind die wichtigsten Punkte: Einfache Bedienung (sogar für Lehrer handlebar), alle Funktionen gut durchdacht und benutzerfreundlich umgesetzt, kompletter Umfang, offener Blick der Entwickler für Verbesserungen (wo überhaupt noch möglich!) und nicht zuletzt: perfekter Service und schnelle, kompetente und sehr freundliche Betreuung.
Hans-Martin Bratzel
Realschule Tiengen
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Vielen Dank an das gesamte Sdui-Team. Sie reagieren sehr kurzfristig und kompetent auf neue Bedarfe in der Corona-Krise und unterstützen dadurch unsere Lehrkräfte und Schüler im Fernunterricht mit wertvollen neuen Funktionen, Erklärvideos und dem Handbuch.
Frank Schubert
Ev. Oberschule Großrückerswalde
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Ich bin so froh, dass wir Sdui haben, das können Sie sich gar nicht vorstellen. Und solange ich Sie für Problemlösungen an meiner Seite habe, haut mich hier nichts um.

Our guiding principles for your success

We do our best for you so that you can enjoy a carefree everyday life at your school.

Sdui thinks ahead.

 Instead of being satisfied with the status quo, Sdui works in a visionary way. We monitor digital trends, identify new needs early on and provide solutions even before a problem arises. Time is running – our goal is to be faster and create peace of mind for you.

Sdui thinks along with you.

 As education nerds, we don’t just do our own thing, we listen to teachers and educators. That’s you! Your personal contact always has an open ear for your ideas, which we are happy to incorporate into our development. In this way, we constantly improve our software and adjust it more to the needs of schools and preschools.  

Sdui on your side.

Behind the app there is a team of people whose top priority is to make digitalisation as easy as possible for you. At Sdui, you are not alone with questions and challenges: We address them together with you and are happy to help and advise you at every step you make towards digitalisation.

Digitisation with Sdui

Every day, we support several thousand schools and preschools that are in close contact with our staff. We ourselves used to be pupils and have been learning every day for years. Now we have teachers on our team and we are in close contact with representatives of the education system. We complement your experience with our know-how from the digital world. Thus, our expertise covers every aspect of all types of schools and preschools.

There is no perfect guide. The decisions you make in the next few months will set the course for your school life of the future. In these turbulent times, we advise you to have the courage to move forward: Use the tools you have, add what you need and replace what does not seem to fit when you try it out.

Instead of lumping all schools and preschools together, we’re happy to advise you individually on how exactly you can benefit from Sdui. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Digitalisation must go hand in hand with simplification. The challenge of digital transformation is that it means something different for every school, every preschool and every individual. Everyone has different wishes, views and experiences. That is why we are also aware that digitalisation is not a linear path: we respond to personal needs to create an environment with a truly added value.

That’s why Sdui!

Sdui is the solution that continuously evolves to meet the needs of authorities, teachers, educators, parents and students. In addition, Sdui is a large team of people whose desire is to support schools and preschools in the digital age in the best possible way. Let’s tackle it together!

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