Simple and secure communication
with Sdui

Sdui works on all smartphones, tablets and as a web app via any computer. The clear design guarantees easy handling. All teachers, educators, parents, and students have their own accounts, and even inexperienced users can easily navigate the intuitive user interface.

New: The digital classbook


Check off digital list within seconds and synchronize sick notes with secretary's office


For a clear overview assign homework with the time effort needed and with a clear deadline

Record teaching material

Option to document the class and to take notes

Filter by person

Assign entries to the pupils and and refer to these in conversations with their parents.

Send and receive news

Letters to parents via the application

Share important announcements -
incl. attachments such as PDF, image, etc..

Read receipts

Within 3 Sekunden by fingertip 

Push notifications

Sdui sends you
push notifications


Involve everyone and get
measurable results.

Timetable with Vertretungen

Automatically synchronised

...with the school timetable program (e.g. Untis, aSc, DAVINCI...)

Individually filtered

Everyone sees only what concerns her/him


Highest level of privacy

Parents are not able to view the absences of teachers

Planning security

Teachers can view plans of rooms, classes and colleagues

Free online consultation

Learn how Sdui can facilitate your daycare and school life in the shortest possible time

Communicate securely in the chat

created groups

...for all classes, courses and certain groups of people (e.g. all teachers)

One way vs. open chat

Teachers can decide
when and for how long the recipients may respond to the messages

A secure alternative to WhatsApp

Works as simple as

the already well-known messengers

No phone numbers needed

To use it no private phone number or private email is required

Share and collect files in the cloud

storage space

Enough storage for files for school use

created folders

For all classes, courses and selected groups of people (e.g. all teachers)

German servers with SSL encryption

The data is stored according to
GDPR standards

Access to the data
in the assignments folder

Students can upload assignments and receive corrections

Integrate additional services into the menu

Depending on your needs:
Anything can be integrated

Any conceivable web service can be integrated directly via a link

Flexible and long-term

This is how Sdui grows with you and adapts to future tools & requirements

Moodle, HPI Schul-Cloud, Logineo & more

Especially suitable for the integration of country solutions, LMS & Co.

Everything accessible through one application

From school websites to bus schedules: How Sdui becomes the central app for everything

Teach digitally via videoconference

Safe alternative
to teams & Zoom

GDPR compliant on
German servers

Start directly from the

One single click takes you to
classes and courses

Share screen,
report & more

Practical and useful functions for
distance learning

Voice calls coming soon

Soon without having to use a cell phone number
call via Sdui

Have texts translated easily

Over 20 languages

From Arabic to Vietnamese:
Parents can choose the language they prefer

Security for the school

In your school, you can be sure
that all important information will reach you

Involve everybody

Parents with an immigration background can fully participate in the process

Less misunderstanding

Misunderstandings and constant unnecessary inquiries are easily avoided

Free online consultation

Learn how Sdui can facilitate your daycare and school life in the shortest possible time

Quickly switch between accounts

Multiple accounts
per device possible

Create accounts within seconds
and switch between them with two clicks

Switch between accounts even if they were created for different schools

Especially practical for teachers who have children who attend different schools

Ideal for parents who have more than one child

Always stay logged in and receive all notifications

A separate environment
for school authorities.

Per Extra Account: School administrators and IT staff are getting connected with the authority

Reach everyone on site via Infoscreen

The Infoscreen is available as an additional option and shows all relevant information and substitutions directly in the school building. For this purpose, there is a small hardware module that works with any available monitor, regardless of the manufacturer. Simply plug it in and get started.