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"A world in which everyone can use the potential of future communication"

We see big potential making the day-to-day life of schools easier with digital communication. Especially the workload for teachers, nursery teachers and the school or nursery management can be reduced massively in many areas by applying digital processes. However, often the potential of the software is not used, as the solution is too complicated or it is not GDPR conform or simply does not exist yet.

With Sdui we build digital tools that are as simple, secure and as helpful as possible. This means that we can enable schools and nursery schools to use the full potential of digitalisation and have more time available for what it is really about: caring, learning, development and personal connections.

This is what is expecting you at Sdui

One of the fastest growing
start-ups in Germany in the education sector

Sustainable and future orientated job with
social relevance

Motivated team of talented and dynamic colleagues

Flexibel times and mobile work are always possible

Regular activities and team events
(online at the moment)

Free parking, bicycle parking spaces and connections with the
bus lines 4, 5, 3/13 and 355

Water, coffee and energy drinks from our partner ácao

Office im Technologiezentrum Koblenz direkt an der Mosel, der Universität inkl. Mensa und am Stadtstrand

2 Mil €
25 +
1500 +