Successful European edtech companies join forces

Spanish Additio App becomes part of the Sdui Group

Simplifying the everyday life of schools and daycare centres in Europe – that is Sdui’s goal. To this purpose, we are building the operating system for educational institutions and want to offer the best digital solutions for them.

This can be done better together than alone: to be able to tackle the digitalisation of communication, organisation and administration in educational institutions in Europe holistically, the Spanish startup Didactic Labs with its Additio App is now becoming part of the Sdui Group.

Besides the German startup Sdui and the Spanish school management startup, the Swiss Pupil and the Belgian Konecto App are already members of the Sdui Group.

What does the growth of the Sdui Group mean for...

... our customers?

With the Additio App, new functions and even more know-how come together under the umbrella of the Sdui Group, from which customers will also benefit in perspective:

1) More time for what really counts: Assisting children and teenager to develop in the best possible way
While Sdui, Pupil and Konecto have so far offered functions that simplify communication and organisation in schools and daycare centres in particular (e.g. chats, groups, news, timetable, sick notes, parent communication as well as file management in the school cloud), the Additio App offers solutions for school management. Its main functions, apart from learning analytics and documentation (e.g. grades, attendances and reports), are primarily in the area of school management (e.g. payments, substitution, lesson and seat planning, personal time management for teachers).

In the future, the Sdui Group aims to combine the strengths of the individual startups into a single offering – and thus make the operating system available to schools and daycare centres.

2) Best know-how for schools and day-care centres

Both the team around the Additio App and the teams of other the Sdui Group companies create innovative solutions for everyday education in their markets. The knowledge and resources are shared to make the solutions and products even better, so that our customers and users can benefit from them in the best possible way.

3) For educational institutions by educational experts: A shared vision

With former student Daniel Zacharias (Sdui), former teacher Arber Wagner (Pupil) and university professor Jordi Corominas (Additio App), founders from three countries and with different perspectives on the same challenge have joined forces: Making European educational institutions fit for the 21st century. The minds behind the Sdui Group know first-hand what solutions their application needs to offer, to enable a decisive change in everyday school and day-care life.

... our employees?

If you like to join a modern, purpose-driven employer in a growing market environment, the Sdui Group is the right place for you. To transform education in Germany and Europe, we are looking for motivated people to join our growing, international team.

With the recent addition of another successful and internationally operating edtech startup, Sdui Group consolidates its position as a serious player in the top league of the European edtech industry, enjoying the trust and backup of renowned investors who support its consistent growth strategy. Click here for our vacancies.

... Investors?

– Only two months after the corresponding capital increase, Sdui has proven – by the merger with another successful internationally operating edtech company – that the plans of further growth through internationalisation and the expansion of the product are being implemented consistently and fruitfully.

Education is one of the most relevant areas for the future throughout Europe – and Sdui is pursuing the best approach for its long overdue digitalisation with a holistic complete solution. Numerous well-known investors are already convinced of this.