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Whether in-person or at home, Sdui is the GDPR-compliant app for schools & preschools. Explore how the app can transform a crisis into an opportunity.

Our solution for your challenge

The digitalization of schools and preschools is becoming increasingly important. Simplifying communication, administration, and organization while reducing paperwork can pose significant challenges for these institutions. At Sdui, we understand your situation and want to help you immediately. Our app focuses on the needs of schools and preschools to create a secure platform that connects everyone. Sdui facilitates communication and enables an easy transition between in-person and remote lessons.

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An overview of the most important functions

Sdui - GDPR compliant school app

The digital class register


Enter homework with clear information on the time and effort required, along with the deadline, for a better overview.


Easily mark absences on your digital list and synchronize sick notes with the secretariat in just seconds.

Record Teaching Material:

Use our platform to document the class material and add comments for better organization.

Filter by Person:

Assign entries to specific students and refer to them in conversations with their parents for better tracking and communication.

Collaboration with LibreOffice

Group work

Work in groups more easily thanks to collaboration with LibreOffice

Accessible for all

Launch LibreOffice on any operating system to ensure that our platform is accessible to everyone.

Cooperation regardless of distance

Sdui is ideal for video conferencing during distance learning, enabling collaboration even when students are physically apart.


Start working straight away without the need for lengthy conversion processes, as our platform supports all common file types.


Sdui assists with the significant topics that arise in the day-to-day life of schools.

The effectiveness of a solution can be defined by one single criterion: does it solve the problem effectively? Each of our features has been developed with this exact solution-oriented view of a larger challenge, designed to assist where help is needed the most.

Complete security through certified data protection standards. Real data security is our top priority.

ISO certified data centre / German servers / SSL encryption / One-way principle / No phone number / No email address

Information is delivered to the intended recipients in a matter of seconds, ensuring a smooth and efficient communication process.

News / Chat / Cloud / Translation / Push notifications / Video conferences / Information Screen

Continue your classes even when your school is closed with the option to easily switch between in-person and distance learning.

Video conferences / Cloud / Chat / Drop box / Timetable / Automatic class groups / Integration

Let’s imagine a school with 500 students where one piece of paper is printed every week. With Sdui, you could save up to 20,000 sheets of paper per year, along with the related postage costs. This paperless sharing of letters to parents, surveys, and other information not only benefits the school community but also helps our environment.

News / Chats / Cloud / Surveys

Digitalisation with Sdui should empower, not overwhelm. With our platform, you can set up your school in just 30 minutes, and even after that, no IT expertise or software knowledge is required.

Intuitive user interface / Automatic synchronisation / Quick activation / Real support / Free of hardware / Switch accounts across schools

For tools that aim to save time and effort, creating a clear overview and ensuring proper organization are essential.

Cloud folders / Automatic class groups / Timetable / Linking accounts / Integration

How can Sdui be implemented in my school or preschool?

1. Initial contact

Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get in touch with us. Choose a date that suits you and one of our experts will contact you for a free consultation to introduce you to Sdui.

2. Introduction

During the short online consultation, we’ll discuss how Sdui can help simplify the daily life of your school and preschool. As a decision-maker, you can immediately register your institution for Sdui afterwards.

3. Get started

We’ll create your personal Sdui environment and send you the activation codes. With that, you’re ready to get started and make school life easier for everyone! Your personal advisor will be available to provide you with advice and support whenever you need it.

Success stories

Bild von Dirk Wagner - Digitalchef Solingen
Dirk Wagner, Digitalchef of the City Solingen

City Solingen

Situation: After the coronavirus pandemic the public transport could not be sufficiently adapted to the new health regulations, which meant that not all of the students were able to get to school.

Goal: A hybrid concept which enables half of the class to stay at home and the other half to come to school on an alternative base. This minimises the risk of infection.

Execution: Sdui has been chosen by the school authorities, as a uniform solution to support all schools with presential and remote lessons. We analyse the elements required to implement hybrid lessons and made integration of existing softwares possible.

Result: The schools were given Sdui: a flexible and GDPR conform platform as a basis, in combination with other solutions. Now the change between face-to-face and remote lessons is truly easy and works without any problems. To this day, the model in Solingen is a perfect example for successful hybrid lessons.

Primary school Edenkoben

Situation: In February 2020 a hurricane lead to a wind speed of up to 200 kph. This lead to the majority of lessons in school and activities in daycare centres being cancelled. Parents had to be informed in an efficient and quick manner.

Goal: Ensure that all the important information reaches the relevant people so that everyone can stay safe.

Execution: The school management informed everyone about the regulations in relation to the storm for the next day using the Sdui app. The read receipt enabled them to see who had already been informed. The parents were then able to decide, whether they would send their children to school. If not, they could confirm their absence via telephone or using the Sdui app.

Result: Sdui enabled the school management to ensure the safety of the pupils and ensure that everyone is informed. The app also meant that the communication was more efficient and consistent.

Grundschule Edenkoben
Primary School Edenkoben, Rhineland-Palatine

Schools, preschools and school authorities all over Europe trust Sdui

Overview map of which schools in Germany use Sdui

Our customer service is by your side

Jessica Röser

“Our customer service team is dedicated to supporting schools and preschools in their digitalization journey. We understand the importance of personal contact and strive to have a better understanding of the challenges our customers face in order to provide the best solutions.”

Anja Hastrich CS

Anja Hastrich

“I provide advice on digitalization and support schools and preschools in ensuring that all students can participate in lessons and activities, whether they are in person or remote.”

Julie Pützfeld CS

Julie Pützfeld

“I have helped numerous school administrators and preschool managers integrate their members into Sdui, making information easily accessible for everyone.”

Julian Holzinger

“It is fulfilling to know that we are helping schools and preschools prepare for the future in a secure and GDPR-compliant way. I love the personal contact with educational institutions and we are committed to providing assistance.”

Schools and preschools
2500 +
Sdui users
500000 +
90000 +

Why did we develop Sdui?

The Sdui team, summer 2022

Sdui was developed to provide a solution to real problems faced by schools today and to help them prepare for the future. Our team includes former students and teachers, as well as individuals who can identify and address the daily challenges faced by schools. We strive to continuously adapt and expand our platform to meet the needs of teachers, students, and parents, making their lives easier.

We understand that digital transformation is not a one-size-fits-all process and that everyone has unique wishes, needs, and demands. We listen to our users and personalize the app to their specific requirements. The ultimate goal of Sdui is to create a safe space where all relevant people can come together, utilizing features and support that simplify their everyday life. This space is called the “Digital School”.

Our vision of a digital school

Our vision for a successful digital school is based on close collaboration with schools and preschools. We do not aim to replace face-to-face classes, but rather to support them and ensure that lessons can continue even during crises. Our goal is to create a digital environment that replicates the feeling of a physical school, with all members coming together in one digital space. We want to facilitate communication between all members of the school through text, call, and video call. Our dream is to create schools where information is easy to find and there is no need to search or figure things out. The app’s features and tools are designed to meet the needs of each school, ensuring that everything necessary is readily available. The digital school is also secure, not only because it is GDPR compliant, but also because it protects students from cyberbullying and teachers from stress. In situations where face-to-face learning is not possible, teaching can still continue digitally.

This is our vision for the digital school, and it is what Sdui creates.

How can Sdui help make preschool and school life easier right away? Learn more now!

It is the biggest motivation for me to know that I have contributed to making the daily routine in schools and preschools easier in the long term.

Artavazd Andranikyan

Business Development Manager


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