Spanish Additio App becomes part of the Sdui Group

24.04.2023, Koblenz / Girona. To provide a holistic digital solution for communication, organisation, and administration in educational institutions throughout Europe, the Spanish startup Didactic Labs, with its Additio App, and the German-based Sdui Group are taking joint paths with immediate effect. The edtech startup from Koblenz is thus consistently pursuing its goal of growth through internationalisation and product expansion.

Didactic Labs and the other companies in the Sdui Group share the vision of simplifying everyday life in schools and daycare centres by means of digitalisation. The merger brings Sdui a crucial step closer to its goal of building the operating system for schools and daycare centres, as the Additio App’s features usefully complement the Sdui Group’s already broad product portfolio. In particular, formative assessment and skills development is an area that is highly demanded in many countries – and the Additio App is ideally positioned in it.

“The features of the Additio App are a perfect addition of those Sdui, Pupil and Konecto already provide, so that we can offer our users a whole range of new possibilities in perspective”, says Daniel Zacharias, founder of Sdui and CEO of the Sdui Group. “At the same time, the innovative team from Didactic Labs will support our development. This will make Sdui even more of a central application for the holistic digital management of schools and daycare centres – another important milestone in our goal to lead the European edtech market.”

Swiss startup Pupil and Belgian Konecto App have already been part of the Sdui Group since the beginning of 2022.

Jointly offering more to schools and daycare centres

“Educational institutions all over Europe benefit from the combined potential of our applications”, says Jordi Corominas, co-founder and CEO of Didactic Labs. “We have been supporting hundreds of thousands of teachers for many school years with efficient tools, such as our grade management function. This helps them to gain more time for the essential part of their job: assisting their students to develop in the best possible way.”

The main functions of the Additio App, apart from learning analytics and documentation (e.g. grades, attendance and reports), are mainly in the field of school management (e.g. payments, substitution, lesson and seat planning, personal time management for teachers), while Sdui , Pupil and Konecto together have so far mainly covered target group-specific communication and organisation solutions (e.g. chats, groups, news, timetable, sick notes, parent communication as well as file management in the school cloud).

A total of over 13,000 educational institutions in over 70 countries

Didactic Labs is also particularly strong in European countries where the Sdui Group has had little presence to date, especially Spain. As a result of the merger with Didactic Labs, the Sdui Group – with a total of over 200 employees – is now active in over 70 countries. These include Germany, France, Switzerland, the UK and Belgium, as well as Turkey and Australia.

With former student Daniel Zacharias (Sdui), former teacher Arber Wagner (Pupil) and university professor Jordi Corominas (Additio App), founders from three countries and with different perspectives on the same challenge have come together: Making European educational institutions fit for the 21st century. The minds behind the Sdui Group know first-hand what solutions their application must offer to make a decisive difference in everyday school and daycare life.

You can find more facts and figures about Sdui in the Media Kit.

About Sdui
Sdui simplifies communication and organisation at schools and daycare centres. The platform’s purpose is to connect teachers, educators, parents and children with each other through smart functions. Using Sdui reduces the administrative workload and frees up time for the essential mission of the institutions: providing the best possible education. Sdui offers GDPR-compliant solutions, with functions such as chat, video calls, cloud, timetable or translations, that are specifically tailored to the needs of schools and daycare centres.

Sdui was founded in Koblenz in 2018 and is now one of the fastest-growing startups in the German edtech industry as Sdui Group. As a reliable partner, it guides educational institutions as well as responsible authorities and ministries through the digitalisation process and develops the operating system for digitalised schools and daycare centres.

With currently over 200 employees, the Sdui Group is represented more than 70 countries around the world. A total of around 13,000 educational institutions currently use the platform (as of April 2023).

About Additio App
Additio App is an all-in-one platform for school management, performance assessment and communication focused on achieving student success, helping pedagogical and didactic work. It adapts to all types of schools and educational stages and rigorously complies with all security and data privacy regulations. It is used by thousands of teachers and schools around the world and available in eight languages. Additio App is a multi-device platform that can be integrated with all major educational applications and systems.

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